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Your mobile guide to pursuing holistic wellness. Nourish your body and soul with life-giving activities. Share your journey with close friends and loved ones. Flourish together.

*Side effects include greater joy, deeper friendships, and additional physical vitality.

nourish your whole person

A body and soul approach often makes all the difference in realizing your goals because investing in your inner self (attitude, self-worth, etc.) enables sustainable behavior change and results on the outside.

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Fig guides you what to do

(not just tracks what you've done)

First, Fig helps you build your own plan in less than a minute based on your goals (increase happiness, build immunity, lose weight), life stage (married, pregnant), and preferences. 1-click tracking helps you spend 90% less time tracking than with detailed trackers (e.g. calorie counters) for 80% of the results.

Building your Fig plan

adapt your plan when you’re ready

As you gain momentum, add or swap activities from our expert-written catalog e.g. take a thankfulness minute (1x per day), call mom (1x per week), and floss (1x per day). Helpful details (e.g. benefits, instructions, etc.) are there when you need them. You can customize activities as you see fit. Or, create a custom activity mad-libs style! You can also get inspiration and add activities you see your friends are doing.

Customize an activity on Fig

Fig fosters rich community collaboration and support

Fig helps friends support each other with camaraderie, practical help, encouragement, and accountability. You're more likely to go for a walking break when you and three of your work buddies realize that you're all aiming to take a desk break every afternoon. Or when you see that your married friends John and Julie haven't had a date night in 6 weeks, you can assist them by offering to babysit this weekend. You can encourage and support each other on one activity or many!

Have friends support you on fig

coming soon

  • Better and easier controls for privacy and emails
  • Faster ways to update your plan (e.g. deactivating and deleting activities)
  • More ways to include friends on your wellness journey
  • A holistic visualization of your investments in well-being
  • Less bugs!