The App

Meet Fig. It’s the personal and enjoyable way to pursue your wellness aspirations. Nourish your body and soul with simple activities. Share your journey with friends and loved ones. Flourish together.

*Side effects include more happiness, deeper friendships, and additional physical vitality.

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Create your plan from common wellness goals

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Build a supportive community around your activities

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Share and celebrate your journey with close friends


Our Mission

We aspire to redefine wellness and make it reachable for most Americans.

Advertisers try to convince us that we’re not thin or muscular enough. They appeal to our insecurities to sell us stuff. But deep down, most of us realize that wellness isn’t superficial (a size zero dress or bulging biceps). Wellness is a journey of holistic transformation and our capacity for fulfilling our life missions.

We started Fig to lower barriers (time, complexity, etc.) to wellness and make it easier for loved ones to encourage one another forward. Our team is laboring to create a future where most Americans achieve radically higher wellness – a future where we experience more richness in our most important relationships, more physical vitality, much less disease, and more spiritual and emotional fulfillment. 

Our team at Fig is just getting started. We hope you’ll join us. Together, let’s enhance human flourishing.


Pursue the Truth (even when it hurts). Cling to reality and integrity.

Affirm Human Worth. Bring your whole self and celebrate the uniqueness of our team members and customers.

Cultivate Authentic Community. Be vulnerable and have fun! Keep each other accountable to our values – we all have blind spots.

Become and Achieve. Own your transformation and Fig’s mission. Innovate and prioritize ruthlessly.